Yoga Shanti is a premier yoga studio founded by world-renowned teacher, Colleen Saidman Yee in Sag Harbor, NY and established in New York City with her husband Rodney Yee and their partners Joyce Englander Levy, Jenny Hudak McCabe & Ariel Levy.

Together, Colleen & Rodney, along with their tenured teachers develop the Yoga Shanti method for teaching, which honors the traditions of yoga as well as the needs of modern, western bodies and minds. Recognized as one of the most welcoming, uplifting and safest styles of yoga to practice there truly is a place for anyone willing to step onto a yoga mat.

This school is deeply established in the roots of the Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga traditions. However, the methodology taught in the classes, workshops and trainings at Yoga Shanti are innovative and responsive to the changing needs of our culture. Our teachers are in an ongoing conversation with other senior teachers across the nation to ensure our students are in touch with the best of the best.

Our schedule seeks to serve all populations of people from students to seniors; from the most agile to the most fragile; from the beginner to the senior teacher; and everyone in between of course. Please see the descriptions of our classes and styles to find the class that will best suit your needs.



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